Associate Lecturers, “If I can’t dance I do not want to be a part of your revolution!” Amsterdam x Tbilisi 2020/


Alexander Cromer
Project Manager and Designer, High School of the Underground
Asmaa Jama
Poet, visual artist, filmmaker and UU alumnus
Amir George
Filmmaker, artist, and curator of True/False Film Festival
Amanda Fayant
Artist and First Nations researcher on Indigenous practices
Bogomir Doringer
Artist, researcher and curator
Damian Bradfield
Author, President at WeTransfer and UU board member
Diana Raiselis
Director, dramaturg and nightlife and cultural policy researcher
Fahmy Shahin
Artist and Co-Director, University of the Underground charity
Giorgi Kikonishvili
Queer activist, social activist, promoter and co-founder of Horoom Nights
Hannah Parker
Director of Development at the Donald Judd Foundation and UU board member
Henric Benesch
Senior Lecturer at HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts
Ibrahim Cissé
Artist, writer, curator and UU alumnus
Jeremy Deller
Turner Prize-winning artist and filmmaker and UU board member
Ketevan Zazanashvili
Artistic Director at Tbilisi Inclusive Dance Co., founder and President of the Georgian National Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation
Lauren Alexander
Co-Director at Foundland Collective and UU tutor
Magid Magid
Activist, former Green Party MEP, 122nd Lord Mayor of Sheffield, and UU board member
Dr. Mijke van der Drift
Writer, educator, performer and UU tutor
Mirik Milan
Global Night Mayor advocate
Moon Ribas
Avant-garde artist and cyborg activist
Naja Orashvili
Filmmaker, activist, owner of Bassiani nightclub
Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun
Designer of experiences, founder of and tutor at University of the Underground
Nobumichi Tosa
Japanese pop star, design legend, ‘nonsense artist’ and co-developer of the iconic Otamatone
Prof. Onkar Kular
Professor of Design at HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design
Paola Antonelli
Senior Curator, Architecture and Design Department at Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), and UU board member
Peaches Christ
Filmmaker, cult leader, Midnight Movie Maven and UU board member
Prof. Roger Berkowitz
Founder/Academic Director, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities
Rose McGowan
Activist, artist, actress, filmmaker, author and UU board member
Dr. Samantha Hill
Assistant Director, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities
Sarah Mann
Head of Programmes at the Design Council, and UU board member
Selby Gildemacher
Hacker, designer and tutor at University of the Underground
Mariam Shergelashvii and Data Chigholashvili
Curators at the Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tamaz Sozashvili
Co-founder, Pride Tbilisi
Tea Uglow
Author, activist, transgender emoji creator, Creative Director at Google Creative Labs and UU board member
Ted Gioia
Food critic, journalist and Cultural Attaché at the University of the Underground
Teun Castelein
Artist and tutor at University of the Underground
Movement Theatre, Tbilisi
Zach Lieberman
Artist and Co-founder, openFrameworks and School for Poetic Computation
Zana Masombuka
Artist and creative director at Ndbele Superhero, UU alumnus
Amelie Jakubek
Trans-disciplinary artist, UU alumnus and Open Call Lecturer
Andriana Lagoudes
Critical designer, facilitator, filmmaker, UU alumnus and Open Call Lecturer
Asu Aksu
Multi-disciplinary fashion designer, creative and Open Call Lecturer
Beck Stewart
Media educator, immersive artist, 360 filmmaker, Adobe Education Leader and Open Call Lecturer
Carla Hoekendijk
Open Call Lecturer, creative developer and coach in interactive media, games and design
Colette Aliman
Artist, designer and researcher on soundscapes, and Open Call Lecturer
Dally Schwarz
Dancer, visual artist and Open Call Lecturer
Elena Vasiliou
Queer prison studies expert, author of Learning From Prisons: Decolonial Feminism and Teaching Approaches from Prison to University, and Open Call Lecturer
Emilia Grzezcka
Open Call Lecturer, artist and co-founder of How to Draw a Pony drawing improvisations initiative
Ibrahim Nehme
Open Call Lecturer, creator, speaker, curator and founder of The Outpost magazine
Jasmine Nihmey Vasdi
Ecofeminist activist, poet and Open Call Lecturer
Jatun Risba
Open Call Lecturer, artist of self, linguist of kindship and joker exploring beyond human paradigms
[M] Dudeck
Artist, witchdoctor, cultural engineer and Open Call Lecturer
Matthew Contos
Public Engagement Manager at CENTER, Santa Fe, curator, educator and Open Call Lecturer
Monika Gravagno
Open Call Lecturer, physical theatre performer and educator at Facciocose
Simon(e) van Saarloos
Writer, theatremaker, philosopher and Open Call Lecturer
Skye Maule-O'Brien
Educator, creative researcher and Open Call Lecturer
Sufee Yama
AR and VR storyteller, instructor and community-builder, and Open Call Lecturer