Ibrahim Nehme is a creator, curator, and speaker based in Beirut. His work is a cross-pollination between journalism, activism, and artistic expression. He is interested in producing and disseminating media that helps in raising the frequency of the collective consciousness.

In 2012, he founded The Outpost magazine with the intention of imagining a new narrative on and from the Arab region. Subtitled as ‘a magazine of possibilities’, The Outpost was highly commended and recognized around the world. The Guardian called it “a successor to the Economist” and wrote that is “a reminder of the power of the imagination to shift perspectives.” It won the Subscribers’ Choice Award at the Stack Awards 2015 and  Magazine of the Year at the Magpile Awards in 2014.

The Outpost stopped publishing its printed edition in 2016 and Ibrahim spent the next three years researching the relationship between cultural output and social impact. This research subsequently led to the birth of Radio Mansion in Beirut and The Outpost café in Amman. During this time, he also helped conceive of ‘a Dance Mag’, a magazine about dance in all its forms and flows, and organized workshops in creative writing, futurecasting and podcasting.

He is currently working on uploading The Outpost’s entire printed archive to an online platform. He is also planting the seeds of a new school as well as developing a live show for the theater, two new projects he is super excited about.