Partners In Crime

Advisory Board/

 PLEASE NOTE: All advisory board members and tutors participate in the University of the Underground Foundation as individuals, representing their individual research and/or their opinion/views. Their participation and statements in no way reflect the views, priorities or policies of the companies by which they are affiliated.

Musician, Producer, Filmmaker and Performance Artist
Prof. Noam Chomsky
Political theorist, author and activist, professor of linguistics
Peaches Christ
Midnight Movie Maven, Filmmaker, American Underground Drag Performer and cult leader
Dave Eggers
Founder of the independent publishing house McSweeney’s
Magid Magid
Lord Mayor of Sheffield and Green Party Councillor
Prof. Arjun Appadurai
Anthropologist, former Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affair at The New School
Prof. Fiona Raby
Professor of Design and Emerging Technology at New School, New York
Nadya Tolokonnikova
Activist, Founder of Pussy Riot
Douglas Trumbull
Legendary filmmaker and visual effects pioneer, 2001 Space Odyssey, Silent Running, Encounter of the Third Kind
Phil Lee
Creative Director, XL Recordings
Paola Antonelli
Senior Curator of Architecture and Design Department at MoMA
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Mentor, Artistic director of the Serpentine Gallery, curator
Damian Bradfield
WeTransfer’s President // University of the Underground Advisory Board’s Chairman
Beatrice Galilee
Associate Curator of Architecture and Design in Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Metropolitan Museum
John Best
Manager Sigur Rós and Fanfario, co-Director Big Dipper Productions Ltd
Ravi Naidoo
Managing Director of Interactive Africa, Recipient of the Sir Misha Black Medal for Distinguished Services to Design Education
Stuart Brown
Head of Programme and Acquisitions at the British Film Institute
Christopher Hird
Founder of Dartmouth Films
Sarah Mann
Director of Architecture Design Fashion at the British Council
Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius
Principal at Danish’s disruptive school Kaospilot
Dr. Jill Tarter
Astrophysicist and SETI pioneer
Michele Ceazan-Fleischli
Manager Tenacious D and Beck, Partner at Constant Artists
Hannah Parker
Director of Development, Judd Foundation
Jake Friedman
Manager Beach House and Chairlift, off-Broadway show Producer
Chris Welch
Professor and Vice President of the International Astronautical Federation
Singer & Guitarist
Shabazz Palaces
Hip-Hop Duo

Guest Tutors MA Design of Experiences/

Ayse Hassan
Bassist, Savages Band and Kite Base
Jasmina Tesanovic
Author, feminist and political activist
Paula Scher
Partner at Pentagram, award winning graphic designer
Prof. Rachel Armstrong
Professor of experimental architecture, Senior Ted Fellow
Stefan G Bucher
Founder of 344 Design and the Daily Monster, award winning visual artist
Michael Bierut
Partner at Pentagram, founding writer of The Design Observer
Dr. Suzanne Wertheim
Linguistic Anthropologist, Founder at Worthwhile Research
Tea Uglow
Creative Director at Google's creative lab in Sydney
Mirik Milan
Global Night Mayor Advocate
Bruce Sterling
Award winning science fiction author, Wired columnist
Dr. Barbara Imhof
Space Architect, Co Founder Liquider Systems Group
Fay Milton
Drummer, Savages Band
Alex Margot Duclot
Political communication strategist
Ross Allmark
Consultant and Educator, former Head of Ticketing at DICE
Our Machine
Graphic Designers
Clemens Winkler
Founder of Laboratory of Narrative Materials
Sina Najafi
Editor-in-chief at Cabinet Magazine
Farah Anede
Art Director at L'incident
Joseph Popper
Artist and Lecturer
Visual Editions
Creative and Strategic Directors, a Studio, Publisher and Reading Lab
Yonathan Keren
Deep Democracy Facilitator & Instructor
Simone Ferracina
Architecture Researcher
Rolf Hughes
Research Associate and Director of Artistic Research Practices in Experimental Architecture at Newcastle University,
Andrew Ballantyne
Architect & Author
Gareth Owen Lloyd
Head of maker projects at Machines Room
Dr Austin Houldsworth
Artist and Designer
Inez Piso
Researcher and Curator
Nicholas Mortimer
Yamuna Forzani
Queer Activist

Associate Lecturers MA Design of Experiences 2017-2019/

Emma Dabiri
Social Historian, Writer and Broadcaster
Regine Debatty
Blogger at We Make Money Not Art
Kate Moross
Founder of Studio Moross, award winning graphic designer
Thomas Ermacora
Futurist, Architect, Technologist and Humanitarian
María Lilja Prastardóttir
Activist and Journalist
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Designer, Artist and Writer
Julijonas Urbonas
Artist, Designer, Researcher and Engineer
Noam Toran
Designer and Filmmaker
Renny Ramakers
Co-founder and Creative Director, Droog
Nadya Tolokonnikova
Activist, Founder of Pussy Riot
Jeremy Deller
Conceptual, Video and Installation Artist
Gilles Peterson
DJ and Record Label Owner
Sóley Tómasdóttir
Icelandic Politician
Jenn Nkiru
Artist & Film Director
Marianne Hultman
Artistic Director of Oslo Kunstforening, Norway
Singer & Guitarist
Peter Sellars
TV, Theatre & Opera Director
Moon Ribas
Cyborg Artist & Co-founder at Cyborg Foundation
Moira Lindsay
Head of Collection, Visual Arts - British Council
Kees Klomp
Business Advisor
Willem de Ridder
Internationally known Fluxus Artist
Noel Loozen
Film Director and Photographer
Pieter Claeys
Copywriter, Concept Provider & Creative Director
Mieke Kolk
Theatre Professor and Author
Joris Koptod Nioky
Artist and Performer
Barbara Visser
Dutch Artist
Dr. Stefan Bläske
Leading dramaturg of NTGent
Kaspars Tuters
Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto
Visual Artist
Ricarda Franzen
Dramaturg and Researcher
Ella Overkleeft
Cultural Consultant & Co-founder of the Night-Mayor Foundation in Amsterdam
Florian Mecklenburg
Artist and Art Director
Hiryczuk/van Oevelen (Elodie Hiryczuk and Sjoerd van Oevelen)
Artist Duo
Lilian Stolk
Emoji Expert
Ruben Pater
Graphic Design
Jacob V Joyce
Non-Binary Interdisciplinary Artist

Teaching Team MA Design of Experiences/

Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun
Head of Programme
Tom Greenall
Nina Pope
Sjaron Minailo
Teun Castelein
Lauren Alexander
Mariana Pestana
Mijke van der Drift

External Examiners University of the Underground/


Onkar Kular
External Examiner
Dr. Caroline O'Sullivan
External Examiner

Unconventional Research Office/

Now the Earth was Formless and Empty
Genesis Research Project
Bureau of Lost Culture
Artist Duo Recollecting Counter Cultural Stories.

Management University of the Underground/

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios
Direction and Management
Sandberg Instituut
Academic Partner
Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun
Chloe McClellan
Project Manager
Ted Gioia
American Cultural Attaché University of the Underground
Sjoerd Ter Borg
Coordinator of the University of the Underground
Monika Baran
Operations Officer
Victoria Adams
Community Manager
Nick Johnson
Financial Advisor
Elena Aguila
Graphic Designer

Stichting University of the Underground Charity/

Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun
Dr. Didier Hoch
Angelique Spaninks

Founding Partners University of the Underground/

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios
Founding Partner
Village Underground
Founding Partner
Sandberg Instituut
Founding Partner
Founding Partner
De Marktkantine
Founding Partner

Publisher Friends University of the Underground/

Zed Books
Publishing Friends
Lars Muller Publishers
Publishing Friends
Atlas Press
Publishing Friends
Alma Books
Publishing Friends
Icon Books
Publishing Friends
The New Press
Publishing Friends
Publishing Friends
Pluto Press
Publishing Friends
MIT Press
Publishing Friends
New Scientist
Publishing Friends
Cabinet Magazine
Publishing Friends

Music partners in crime University of the Underground/

XL Recordings
Record Label friend
Moshi Moshi Records
Record Label friend
Big Dipper Productions Ltd Management
Music friends
We are Free Management
Music friends
Our Machine
Graphic Designer and DJ friends
Vinyl Factory
Music Friends
Moog Music
Music Friends

‘Dreamers of the Day’ Talk Series Partners

Creative Fund NL
'Dreamers of the Day' Talk Series Partners