POST NATION STATES is the summer programme at the University of the Underground, developed in collaboration with the Hannah Arendt Center and the former Youth International Party former HQ– which is now a boxing club in NYC.

With the purpose of creating a global engagement with society and to re-energize public interest with fundamental political institutions, the below proposal offers means by which a small group of young innovators, leaders and creatives selected from across the globe through an open call will offer critical new perspectives on the plausible future of politics and political formats using reenactment, design and experiential practices.

In this 4 weeks long summer programme, the United Nations NYC will temporarily open its door to fifteen young minds and give them access to the hub and centre nerve of international affairs. Students will also be granted full access to the University of the Underground, a free university located in the former headquarter of the Youth International Party in NYC, in a now repurposed boxing club.

Students will be invited to develop, write, design, and perform reenactments on the history of the United Nations (ie: the establishment of nations states) as a means to reveal power structures and histories and as a reflection on politics. These performances will be presented at the United Nations HQ to diplomats themselves. At the start of their investigation, they will use sports, the architecture of diplomacy and independent publishing as a source of inspiration.

Through their interventions, students will bring new perspectives and reflections on the past, present and future of the United Nations. They will propose new models for politics- Using theatrical, music and other experiential practices as a mean to achieve this.

More information to come in the following weeks! sign up for the newsletter for open applications.