The University of the Underground is a charity (RSIN 8575.82.781) with a ANBI status based in Amsterdam. This means that at least 90% of our efforts are focused on the general good. You can read more about this charitable status here. We are committed to make all our finances public and we are transparent in this process. In December 2018, following our first annual return we will publish our books on our website. Our organizational structure and spending are visible to all. In doing so, we hope to inspire other educative institutions to do the same.

Full name: Stichting University of the Underground Charity Foundation
Chamber of Commerce number: 68767072
Fiscal number: 857582781
Contact details: Fred. Roeskestraat 96, 1076ED Amsterdam;
Our charity objectives are to end the ever growing gap between generations by reconnecting the generations through social dreaming, culture and education and to perform all such further acts and activities as are in the widest sense connected therewith, incidental thereto and/or which may be conducive thereto. The ever growing gap between generations is caused by their different viewpoint on how power structures should function within public institutions.
The Foundation shall make every effort inter alia to attain and accomplish its objectives by:
   –      guiding and supporting studying artists, performers and designers in order to develop, stimulate and continue the creative process in design, film, music, politics and theater;
   –      providing or have study programs in design, film, music, politics and theater been provided;
   –      financing, subsidize, support and guide organizations who provide study programs in design, film, music, politics and/or theater
     –      organizing inter alia concerts, symposia, workshops and performances;
     –      opening up of networks.
The objective of the Foundation is not to gain profits.
Policy plan: To read please click here
Board: Chair: Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun
Treasurer: Angelique Spaninks
Secretary: Dr. Didier Hoch
The board will get no remuneration for their activities
Activity report: Since this is our first year, we have nothing to report yet
Financial report: Since this is our first year, we have nothing to report yet

Without your donations, we can’t develop the University of the Underground. We  aim to run live events, podcasts run by the students and member of the public, and masterclass-opened to all- but to do this we need your help.

Join us and support our attempt to modify the status quo through the development of experiential and creative practices in institutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information:

Please join us and sign up for our events online here


We are currently developing a membership programme which will allow you to join us during our public events, have access to our underground library and have some special yearly gifts developed at the University of the Underground. Watch this space as we will announce the details of our membership programme soon.

When you join the Patrons Circle, you become one of the Underground’s invaluable dreamers, who will help lead the charge to fight for social dreaming and support the development of our university worldwide. You will be invited to private events, talks and masterclass and invited for dinner with a selection of the University of the Underground’s educators. You will be able to choose from other perks and specially designed limited University of the Underground editions. You will be invited to a special tour of our facilities organized by course director Dr.Nelly Ben Hayoun. Email us to hear more about what else we can do to thank you for your support  at

We need books in our university! Please support us with a book; or two… or many more! We will write your name on it and it will stay with us in the underground for the next 100 years. The University of the Underground is curating live events in collaboration with our venue partners DeMarktkantine in Amsterdam and Village Underground in London. In this context, we will run book clubs; open to all.

Go to this link to donate books from our wish list. But we take your favourite books too!

Our address is:

University of the Underground/ De Marktkantine

Jan van Galenstraat 6

1051 KM Amsterdam


Please reach us to ask about donor benefits