It is with our greatest pleasure to invite you to the final show of the University of the Underground’s ‘I Want to Believe’ research programme.
19.00 – 21.30 CET 
You can watch the show through this YouTube link!


In this three-month programme, we called for an investigation into belief systems and religion. As a part of the practice-based residency, the students unravelled the relationships between religions and nation-states; and beliefs systems and economics; through a series of experiences, and creative interventions involving political theory and practice.

Together they explored: How can we radically reframe our belief systems being political, economic and sociological- within and outside of institutions? Can/should religion and beliefs disappear? 

On the programme, Head of Programme, Nahum states Conjuring this programme posed a great challenge as we wanted to include as many views and topics as possible. The programme was designed to cover a gradient of topics around beliefs and their intersection with other critical fields. We acknowledged the problematic task of rigidly categorising and boxing these topics. Instead, we explored their fluidity and how these themes blend together into a kaleidoscope, sometimes kindly touching each other, sometimes strongly contrasting one another. During a three-month journey, we submerged ourselves in a myriad of lectures, workshops and discussions. What role does religion play in our economic and political system? Can spirituality end our abusive relationship with nature? Can we question our own beliefs while being kind to others? In weekly conversations with the cohort, I witnessed how the researchers started formulating their own questions that slowly materialised in a series of unique projects. On the following pages, I invite you to navigate and unravel what the researchers of the University of the Underground have produced after arduous and passionate work.”

It is certainly not to be missed

Thursday 7:00 pm – 8.30 pm CET on 22nd July 2021


Huge congratulations to all of the researchers

Download the full publication here!


Amirmohammad Azizi

Celeste Coury

Chloe Kelly

David Jonathan Romero

Francisco Mojica

G Chiarion

Irem Aydemir

Jamal Ageli

Jessica Stoya

Karen Martini

May Kineyetums

Rachel Bungey

Ruth Best

Tereza Červeňova

To all the visiting participants and students who joined the programme online – thank you!

To the teaching team of the ‘I want to believe’ bureau: 

Nahum – Head of Programme, artist, writer and hypnotist 

Caro Siegl – Tutor, photographer and filmmaker 

Alexander Cromer – Designer of experiences, tutor and musician.

Imwen Eke – Artist, designer of experiences, filmmaker and tutor

Magid Magid –Activist, writer, politician, author and tutor 

Dave Muoz – Artist, architect, researcher  and thesis tutor
Malena Arcucci – performer and tutor

Xiaoji Song – Designer and tutor

Lauren Alexander – Co-Director at Foundland Collective and  tutor 

Nelly Ben Hayoun- Stépanian PhD – Designer of Experiences, tutor and Director of the University of the Underground Charity.

Cheers to all the Associate Lecturers

Nick Campion

Stuart Nolan

Michael Waltemathe

Yvonne Chireau

Fabrizio Cocchiarella 

Verity Birt

Adah Parris

Prof. David Voas

Will Allen

Bishop Bryan D Ouellette

Carmel Chiswick

Michael Dudek

Jenia Gorbanenko

Samantha Hill

Aaron Tugendhaf

Ibrahim Nehme

Chloé Macary-Carney and Aleksandra Belova 

Clementine Morrigan

Rebekah Coffman

Karen Douglas

Ellen Frankel

CCD Priest Rapper

Rabbi Tova

Belle Phromchanya

Sarah Sparkes

Felipe Neis Araujo

Malena Arcucci

Andrea Roberts

Di Luong

Dr Mijke van der Drift,

Ewen Chardronnet

Chiron Armand

Judite Blanc

Prof. Diana McCarty 

Oleksiy Radinsky

Tea Uglow

Nadya Tolokonnikova