From acclaimed theatre productions to her cinematic debut at the Toronto International Film Festival to the release of her first book, Peaches pushed herself further and with more artistic rewards than ever before during her time away from the studio. That work ethic should come as little surprise, though. This is Peaches we’re talking about, an artist who’s managed to wield immeasurable influence over mainstream pop culture while still operating from outside of its confines, carving a bold, sexually progressive path in her own image that’s opened the door for countless others to follow. 

When she first emerged to international attention with ‘The Teaches of Peaches,’ her 2000 debut album, single “Fuck the Pain Away” catapulted her into the spotlight and appeared everywhere from Sofia Coppola’s ‘Lost in Translation’ and 30 Rock, to South Park and HBO’s ‘True Blood’. Rolling Stone called the album “surreally funny [and] nasty,” and the Village Voice named it one of the year’s best.

It doesn’t stop at the music for Peaches, though. “I’m curating my whole visual lineup,” she explains of her plans to once again direct and present videos for every track on [latest] album, with a slew of collaborators. Margaret Cho, designer Sarah Sachs from Moonspoon Saloon, A.L Steiner, Ryan Heffington, Kim Gordon, Vice Cooler, and more.

Image credit: Jen Endom