Exercising passionate enthusiasm in all areas of life, Skye’s favourite projects bring together a mixture of serious subjects and playfulness to mobilize knowledge. This means implementing collaborative research and learning through a merging of critical discussion and imagination to engage a wide range of communities. Her work combines creativity, top-notch organization, and clear communication to inspire productive change.

As a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Education, she has developed a theory called Intimate Pedagogy. Caring deeply about how we create knowledge together and how we can use collaborative learning strategies to promote social and environmental change, her doctoral project looks at how to employ intimacy and vulnerability as transformative pedagogical tools.

She has worked in the field of education in various capacities for almost 20 years. Holding administrative, research and teaching positions at learning institutions and art organizations, she has maintained a commitment to ethically informed, diverse learning and research methods that extend beyond academia.

Research areas: critical pedagogy, gender and race studies, theories of the erotic, Caribbean and Black feminisms, eco-feminism, decolonial art practices, visual methodologies, research as creation.