Fahmy Shahin (b.1983, Egypt) studied Textile Printing at Helwan University’s Faculty of Applied Arts in Cairo and Interactive Media Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. His practice operates as a tool to understand and navigate his native landscape, where economic conflicts and geopolitical discourses are intermingled with a dominant religion. His project Radical Displacement, 2018, was featured in the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial and in Luma Arles, Parc des Ateliers. In this project, maps are tools to understand reality and identity and a strategy to reconcile the actual with the fictional. His current project The Remains of My Oral Traditions, The Big Family Tree is speculative research in the history of pre-Islamic Arabia, using its popular form of the family tree as an alternative method to tell undocumented history. https://fahmyshahin.net