Jatun Risba – ‘ki’ – is an artist of self, linguist of kinship and joker exploring beyond human paradigms. By approaching Art, Science and Technology in terms of ritual mysticism, ki recovers poetry and magic in contemporary societies. Since 2014, Risba has been investigating the practice of ‘interesse’ (to be in-between) which consists of liminal somatic and vocal expressions in a trance state of awareness. These ‘arts of self’, performed among and with others through interventions, ‘actios’, happenings, installations, workshops, lectures, exhibitions … create opportunities to reveal, share and rewire the self. Following a calling for indigenous artistic, spiritual and ecological practices and forms of life, Risba did field research in Ethiopia about Zār spirit possession rituals in 2015 and was investigating the material culture of Tarantism in Apuglia, Italy in summer 2019. Risba’s practice is informed by philosophies of New Materialism, Speculative Realism and Critical Posthumanism. In kin long-term project ‘Heallo’ (2019-) a collective of Unknown artists have been exploring decentralized models of music and art making with the use of wearable IoT technologies in the context of raves.