Beck Stewart is a Media Educator, immersive artist, 360 film maker and Adobe Education Leader. 

She is passionate about using VR for good and making immersive films as part of their complimentary therapy in hospices and well-being. 

She is also a narrative 360 filmmaker and is makes immersive media forms that explore new forms and experimental methods of immersive filmmaking, alongside interactivity. 

Alongside this she works at Coventry University, in the School of Media & Performing Arts, with research interests in spatial displacement, connection through creativity practice and embodiment in immersive telepresence in theatre. 

She holds a Diploma in Technical Theatre Production from the Britschool of Performing Arts & Technology, London (2002). A BSc in Film Production Technology, Staffordshire (2007) and a MA in 21st Century Media Praxis, from Coventry University (2017). Whilst holding Postgraduate certificate in Higher education and a Diploma in the Lifelong learning sector. 

She is global educator working as an Adobe Education Leader and her work focuses on virtual learning and creative technologies in the 21st century. 

She is passionate about young people, STEAM education and empowering young people in the arts.  She occasionally dresses up as an astronaut too when in the virtual world!