Carla Hoekendijk, (Groningen, The Netherlands) artist and playful strategy developer, lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied at the Academia for Art and Industry (The Netherlands, Enschede AKI – Artez) and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Amsterdam). 

In the last 7 years Carla has been president of the Dutch Academy of ‘Pataphysics (NAP), also called ‘Bâtaphysics, an intercultural research institute that focuses on the dissemination and collection of imaginary solutions. 

The Dutch Academy is an official satellite of the French Collège de ‘Pataphysique, a society for useless and inexact sciences: founded in 1948 to disseminate, further investigate and continue the ideas of Alfred Jarry (1873-1907). The College, as well as the Netherlands Academy, organize meetings where scholars exchange information, publish magazines, and use a self-developed perpetual calendar. Reports of the (Dutch) scientific excursions are published in De Centrifuge (The Centrifuge). 

As members of the Academy, Carla often collaborates with researcher Belle de Savon (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Together they are specialised in ‘Pataphysic research and arts and more specific in playfulness, playful translations and transformations. 

In their work they embrace the ‘Pataphysics perspective and focus on the imaginary as well as possible and probable solutions. Topics of their research have – amongst others- recently been the development of square bubbles, the art of forgetting, walking without footprints, the influence of colour on material qualities, and the in-between-space. 

Their work includes drawings, paintings, installations, publications and games. At the core of their work are the interdisciplinary/intercultural dialogues and co-design: with people, communities, and nature.