Fatemeh Towhidlou was born in Tehran in 1995. She has an experimental approach toward performance and believes in the social function of
the “theatre” and the fact that artist’s work situation is inseparable from the environment. She is interested in “movement” as a way to articulate confrontation of mind and body, a way of shifting the way she sees or take decisions.

She has been developing a research-based project under the influence of Portouguese Choreographer, João Fiadeiro’s method : Real Time Composition which focuses on the ‘moment’ when the performer confronted with a
situation in which a choice has to be made. Now she tends to work in the black-box as an open-door laboratory and explore the ways of translating our [memory,thoughts,knowledge] to something out of our mind, to an activity in real time. She has been graduated from Art University of Tehran with a BA degree in directing-acting.

A project by Fatemeh Towhidlou