How can we explore the mechanics of action and resistance through dance and communities?


Exploring the mechanics of action and resistance through dance and communities.

“It is all about Coexistence” is a research project that seeks to find alternative methods of political resistance by studying the power structures of alternative and underground art communities in Iran. This research is built on Joao Fiadeiro’s method: “Real Time Composition” and explores the use of methods to generate new modes of thinking in compositions, participations and relations.

This project is making use of the collective digital platform MIRO to create digital spaces for co-creation. The whole process is designing some experiences of practicing “togetherness” as a political act (ie: in Iran, dancing in public can be considered as a crime). Here MIRO is a temporary stage for experimenting with digital tools, bringing together a collage of collective action and reaction and acting as an open laboratory. Moving away from a traditional dance practice, this new created online space allows for unexpected and unpredictable results.

In every ‘event’, a topic and set of tools (MIRO tools and sometimes video calls, sometimes a video recorder) are chosen to serve as materials for the construction of a real time event.