Associate Lecturers Turquoise Desert 2019-2020/


Ahmad Al-Bindari
Tour guide and researcher
Carolyn F. Strauss
Designer, Slow Research Lab
Prof. Bernard H. Foing
Scientist at European Space Agency, Executive Director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group
Ghalia Elsrakbi
Foundland Collective
Lauren Alexander
Foundland Collective
Hala N. Barakat
Archeobotanist and researcher
Maissa Mustafa
Tour guide and researcher
Nada El-Kouny
Journalist and anthropologist
Nat Muller
Curator and critic
Ahmed Nabil
Oud teacher and performer
Amanda Fayant
Researcher on Indigenous practices
Karima Mansour
Founder, Cairo Contemporary Dance Studio
Studio Khana
Egyptian alternative art educators and activists
Yasmeen Moataz Ahmed
Lecturer in Anthropology, American University in Cairo