Karima Mansour graduated from the Cinema Institute in Cairo in 1991. From 1993 to 1997, she attended the London School of contemporary Dance, where she earned both heR&BA and MA degrees in dance. In 1999, she formed her own company, MA’AT, an independent contemporary dance company based in Cairo, the first such dance company established in Egypt. Mansour’s MA’AT has developed an extensive international reputation, participating in numerous leading international dance festivals including: Dancing on the Edge, Holland (2007); Festival Les Eclecctique, Blois, France (2007); Alkantara Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2006); Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany (2005); 5th Choreographic Encounter, Madagascar (2003); Dans Festival, Marseille, France (2001/2002); Africalia Dance Platform, Brussels, Belgium (2002); Institute Du Monde Arabe, Paris, France (2001); and Amman Theatre Festival (2000/2002). Among Mansour’s choreographic works are: Nomadness (2007); Karima meets Miguel meets… (2006); Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung (2005); Meeting the Differences 1 (2004); T porament (2002); and Passages (2001). Additionally, since 1993 Karima Mansour has collaborated as a professional performer with international choreographers, including Renato Greco, Richard Alston, Jonathan Lunn, Janice Garette, Bud Blumenthal, and Beatrice Kombe. The group’s name “MA’AT” is drawn from the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth and daughter of RA, as well as a noun meaning order, equilibrium, harmony, tone, individual, and cosmic consciousness.