Associate Lecturers Post Nation States 2019/


Lorna Rose Simpson
Rockefeller Centre Programmer
Roger Berkowitz
Academic Director of the Hannah Arendt Center
Samantha Hill
Assistant Director of the Hannah Arendt Center
Lilli Barrett O'Keefe
Football Activist
Zach Lieberman
Coder, Artist and Co-Founder of the School for Poetic Computing
Mark Greenfield
Artistic Director of 'Faux Real' Theatre Company
Artist Collective
Benny Ninja
Expert Voguing Academy
Sulu LeoNimm
Theatre of the Oppressed
Stephen Schlesinger
Author and Historian
Michael Beirut
Graphic Designer and Co-Director of Pentagram
Micah White
Activist and Author
Matt Selman
Executive Producer of the Simpsons
Lucas Mascatello
Graphic Designer
Len Elmore
Former NBA Player and Sports Lawyer
Jillian Cavanaugh
Hector Roca
Boxing Instructor
D. Graham Burnett
Science Historian
Dr. Nandini Thiyagarajan
Animal Studies Expert
David Goldblatt
Sports Academic
Prof. Dale Jamieson
Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy
Caleb Giles
Bruce Silverglade
CEO of Gleasons Gym
Brenda Vongova
Cabinet Minister at the United Nations
Billy Dean Thomas
Hip Hop Musician
Amy Congdon
Head of Design Intelligence at Biofabricate
Andrea Lipps
Senior curator, Cooper Hewitt Museum
Brian Murphy
Chief of Operations, Overthrow Boxing
Joey Goodwin
CEO, Overthrown Boxing
Cesar Valentino
Dancer, Designer, Director
Jason Quiñones
General Manager, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Carolyn Knowles
Director of NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships, NASA; Chair of the Space Education and Outreach Community at the International Astronautical Congress, NASA
Laura Poitras
Journalist and Academy Award-winning director of Citizenfour
Leticia Cartier Oxley
Biography Programme Associate of GenSpace
Mark Greenfield
Artistic Director of The Faux-Real Theatre Company
Sandrine Gigon
Permanent Observer, Office of the Inter-Parliamentary Union at the United Nations
Suzanne Lee
Founder of Biofabricate, Senior TED fellow
Vere Van Gool
Associate Director and Curator, IdeasCity at the New Museum