Selman then joined the writing staff of The Simpsons, where he has remained, rising to the position of executive producer, he has written 19 episodes of the show, including “Natural Born Kissers” which the show’s creator Matt Groening listed as his eighth favorite episode in 2000., “Behind the Laughter“, “Trilogy of Error“, “Simpsons Bible Stories” (for which he won an Annie Award), “The Dad Who Knew Too Little” (for which he won a Writers Guild of America Award) and also “The Food Wife“. He also co-wrote the 2007 film adaptation of the show, as well as the video games The Simpsons: Road Rage, The Simpsons Hit and Run and The Simpsons Game.

Selman considers his best episode to be season twelve‘s “Trilogy of Error“, which was based on the film Go, and features three inter-linked stories. Robert Canning of IGNpraised the episode, calling it “one extremely enjoyable misadventure. The Simpsonsmay have peaked in the ’90s, but that doesn’t mean the eight years since haven’t delivered their share of quality episodes; this was one of them.”. Other episodes he has written include “Behind the Laughter“, “They Saved Lisa’s Brain“, Husbands and Knives“, “The Haw-Hawed Couple“, “Future-Drama” and “That ’90s Show“.

Selman stated he was “proud” of “That ’90s Show” despite the fact that it “irritated some of our more hardcore fans because they felt we were deliberately ret-conning the classic flashbacks of how Homer and Marge met and how the kids were born.” He added that it was “not a serious attempt to rewrite the show’s continuity”, he has won five Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on the show, sharing them with the other producers. Selman received an Annie Award in 1999 for writing “Simpsons Bible Stories“, he also won a Writers Guild of America Award in 2004 for writing the episode “The Dad Who Knew Too Little“. In the episode, Homer‘s e-mail was said to be Selman registered the e-mail and received thousands of messages after the episode aired, he responded to some of them in the character of Homer, but gave up after being swamped with e-mails.

He wrote the script for The Simpsons: Road Rage, The Simpsons: Hit & Run and served as the head writer for The Simpsons Game. Alongside Tim Long and Matt Warburton he wrote the game’s storyline; they wanted to create something that appealed to the fans of the show, and was, in its own right, “a great new game”. Selman said the reason they decided to call it The Simpsons Game and not add a subtitle was because they felt it was a restart of “the ‘Simpsons’ gaming franchise a big, new, fresh game that takes on video games and hilarious things of all time”. Selman stated in 2003 that he never wants to leave The Simpsons. Of his writing of The Simpsons he said: “The hardest thing is we have to try and make each episode as good as everything that’s come before it. We have a legacy of greatness, and you don’t want to be the person that ruins The Simpsons.