What does decolonization mean to youths? What tools do we need to equip them with to continue the fight against colonial systems?

Sarah Habib’s research started by looking at the current responses to the Black Lives Matter movement in which institutions responded with statements of pathetic support for basic civil rights. But from it a wider movement began where society started to unpack the need to ‘To decolonise everything’. While public statements have flooded discourses, Habib asks how can innovation and innovation focused institutions – such as BCG – effectively decolonize their discourse through practice. Working with youths, Sarah led two workshops with 14 – 17 years old, asking them how they imagined effectively and in practice decolonisation. One of the outcomes of these sessions is a community led glossary, which has been started and prompted by youths- in which they defined their own methods to effectively address decolonisation.

Sarah Habib is now working on bringing this glossary to decision makers and policy makers in order to implement these methods guided, prompted and initiated by youths themselves.