From April to June 2020, the research program  ‘If I can’t dance, I do not want to be a part of your revolution’, focused on building connections between the University of the Underground HQ in Amsterdam and Tbilisi whilst bringing together multidisciplinary practitioners and early career researchers investigating disciplines such as dance and its potential in building organised communities and reinventing politics. Of interest to the research bureau ‘If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution’ were the historic collisions between dance,politics and organized communities. The research group considered how politics and dance can  inspire one another and what would happen if they merge. How do dance parades undermine power structures or create a blueprint for new ones? What can politicians learn from ballerinas or ‘dancing’ boxers and vice versa? How can new forms of debate develop from voguing and how will new systems of government emerge from modern dance or contemporary jazz? Due to covid 19, the programme had to take place online instead of in Tbilisi and Amsterdam and therefore the result of these investigations has been presented online.
See the full list of tutors and associate lecturers for the programme here.
You can watch some of the online talks on u tube here
with Jeremy Deller, Rose McGowan, Paola Antonelli, Magid Magid and many more.