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Welcome to Down Down Radio. We are produced by the researchers at the ‘I want to Believe’ ‘Programme at the charity University of the Underground. This tuition-free programme- which ran from May 2021 to July 2021– called for an investigation into belief systems and religion. As a part of the programme led by Nahum – artist, writer, and hypnotist, during this practice-based residency, we unraveled the relationships between faiths and nation-states, belief systems, and economics; through a series of experiences and creative interventions involving political theory and practice. Travel with us, your hosts Chloe Kelly and Ruth Best, to four different locations, where we will explore the various spaces of creative research that came out of the ‘I Want to Believe’ programme. We will immerse in ecology, vulnerability, ritual, contemplation, technology, and catharsis.

Location One: enter the forest with Amir

Location Two: step into the confessional booth with Celeste, Jessica, Irem, G, and Tereza

Location Three: be in the space of reflection and meditation with Ruth

Location Four: witness a technological exorcism with Chloe, Francisco, and Karen

Produced by Chloe Kelly and Ruth Best

Written by Jamal Ageli, Chloe Kelly, and Ruth Best

Mastered by Alexander Cromer

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Chloe Kelly, artist

Ruth Best, artist and designer

Amirmohammad Azizi, designer

Celeste Coury, artist

Jessica Stoya, career pornographer, and sex advice columnist

Irem Aydemir, political scientist, filmmaker, and visual activist

G Chiarion, artist and designer

Tereza Červenová, artist and photographer

Francisco Mojica, artist, and researcher

Thanks to:

David Jonathan Romero, filmmaker, photographer, and painter

Karen Martini, experience designer, urbanist, social games maker, and artist

May Kineyetums, art jeweler

Rachel Bungey, artist and designer

Thank you so much for listening. This is Down Down Radio, produced by researchers at the I Want to Believe Programme at the University of the Underground. See you next time.