Wallpaper Magazine have featured University of the Underground in their round up of “Design initiatives showcasing resilience through creativity“!

Charity institution University of the Underground, based between Amsterdam and London, is responding to the closure of universities and schools with an open call to designers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, architects, giving them the opportunity to host a lecture, workshop or tutorial online, and supporting them as a freelancer during this time. [The University is] Kicking off with a programme from its board members including the likes of Rose McGowan, Damian Bradfield, Paola Antonelli and Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun.

Find the full article here.

Initially intended for a research bureau between Georgia and Holland titled ‘If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution’, the repurposed programme that we launched on the 3rd of April has brought and is bringing together multidisciplinary practitioners investigating disciplines such as dance and other experiential mediums and their potential in building organised communities and reinventing politics within institutions and beyond. We are exploring new opportunities for creativity and playfulness towards political, economic and sociological systems, and interrogating how creatives, organised communities and politics can inspire one another and what happens if they merge: How do dance parades undermine power structures or create a blueprint for new ones? What can politicians learn from musicians, magicians, drag queens, boxers and vice versa? How can new forms of debate develop from voguing; how will new systems of government and nation-states emerge from streaming and free jazz?

For more information about our current programme, ‘If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution’, read about it here. If you’re interested in participating in the programme as a visiting student, with access to public classes as they are recorded live, email hello@universityoftheunderground.org to get added to the mailing list. Otherwise, head to our Instagram page, @uniundergrd, to watch our recorded classes on Instagram TV – a new one each weekday.