The only thing that is real is your DNA, your reflection in a mirror and the place where you are right now.

Humans build, arrange and create their personality and their character during their life time. When you take a picture or a selfie, film a special event of your life or just post something on your Facebook feed, you are aware of  your appearance. Every person constructs a self-representation. This creates an enhanced and blurred view of the identity. Facebook for example wrote a full report about their exploratory analysis examining “last-minute” self-censorship, or content that is filtered after being written, on Facebook.

Sauvik Das and Adam Kramer describe in the report the “non-posts” as extremely valuable:
“Users and their audience could fail to achieve potential social value from not sharing certain content, and the SNS (social networking sites) loses value from the lack of content generation.”
If the SNS already has such an interest in our profiles, they save and analyze the posts you have never shared, this shows that the value of the of the data we produce is immense.

Our personal profiles will be more and more digitalised in the future and this data will be read, analized and calculated by various artificial intelligence programs for recommondations, surveillance and to evolve new products.

The human errors are, that we are searching always for identification or similarity, we have no definition of what is human and we give all our data out of free will.


The only error of an Artificial Intelligence – AI – is that the program is coded by human bias and errors.

The AI reads, analyzes and calculates the self-censored and self-consturcted data of the humans, which do not give any true picture of a human being. Many humans are afraid that the AI knows more about you. Probably these machines know a lot of stuff you would never admit to yourself or either post conscious it in your profile, but still the view is incomplete on all levels.


The worst case that could happen would be that your data will be destorted by these machines. Due to the digital age, everything gets more elusive. The value is not what your profile is about, it is about the data and this is the hands of power people. So if your constructed self-representation will fall appart nothing is clear anymore and, as the swedisch philosopher Nick Bostron sais, we live in a simulation.


What will be left behind? Is it the only thing that is not readable, like your creativity, your memories and your belive?