Ryan Eykholt

Ryan Eykholt (1995, United States of America) is training to be a professional snowflake: one who brings out the vulnerability, hyperbole, and sensitivity in all places where it is frowned upon. Playing with writing and performance, Eykholt explores methods of stretching common sense and logical systems into incoherence. One of their favourite ways to do this is by using storytelling to creatively navigate a path between two seemingly unrelated topics. During their education in the Masters of Design of Experiences, Eykholt fleshed out bridges between financial audit and jazz improvisation, digital detox and safe space, fundraising and mosquitoes, and citizenship oaths and artificial intelligence. While by no means a perfect reflection of their values, their process is shaped by and aspires towards: queer theory, media theory, intersectional feminism, radical pedagogy, maximalism, drag, linguistics, feminist geography, relational aesthetics, grounded theory, emergent strategy, instruction art, and multimedia memoir. Eykholt dreams of messier and queerer ways of living, loving and designing.

Written by Ryan Eykholt