Rosa Theodora is a musician, teacher and thinker interested in the potential of music to disrupt, transcend, and empower. Rosa beams her soul to the world through the piano, synth, bass, and marimba, and commits herself to a wide plethora of musical projects, languages and styles. She is particularly interested in sounds that challenge conventions and disrupt the status quo.Rosa is interested in musicological research that focuses on deep listening, radical pedagogies and decolonisation, and she recently graduated from SOAS University of London with an MA in Music in Development. Rosa explores her own musical voice in spaces that feel radical, challenging and exciting. She plays the synthesizer in psychedelic-pop band Noon Garden, bass in Peruvian chicha band Los Bravos, piano and percussion in women and non-binary improviser’s ensemble Orchestra New, and is a founding member of punk-UKG marimba duo, Existential Dress.