John Charles Bricker


John Charles Bricker (1994, Missouri, United States of America) is a writer, cartoonist, and musician who focuses on listening, comprehending large ideas, and appreciating small details. His dream is to live in a cartoon world. John uses methodologies informed by improvisational theatre, DIY zine and music culture, stand-up comedy, animation, television, and comic books. In late spring/early summer of 2019, John is working through thoughts of roots, home, tradition, fresh starts, tough conversations, collectivity, collectable figurines, daily practice, clothes, food, tattoos, long walks, boundaries, and virtual reality. Prior to his studies with the University of the Underground MA Design of Experiences, John received a BFA in Illustration with a Minor in Creative Writing from Otis College of Art and Design in spring of 2016.

Written by John Charles Bricker