David Jonathan Romero, aka Monsieur Butterfly (or Lord Mariposa, in Spanish) is a filmmaker, photographer and painter born in Michoacan, Mexico, close to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Romero migrated to Montreal, Canada in 2001 where he completed a double major at Concordia University and began to work as a research assistant and photo-lab-technician at Hexagram-Concordia-Center for Research Creation in Media Arts and Technologies. In 2015, Romero co-founded an international NGO called Todos Somos Mariposas (We are all butterflies), which promotes sustainability and protects biodiversity with projects that collide art and science along the monarch migratory route from Canada through the United States and Mexico. Romero is currently enrolled in the Psychology program at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, in order to further research Dr. Grinberg’s sytergic theory and the phenomenon of inspiration in the human brain. 

A project by David Jonathan Romero