I am a research-based performance artist. I am essentially interested in exploring what performance art, and the totality of art as a subjective aesthetic discipline, can contribute to social discourses. My work has so far delved into the discourses of: political aesthetics in the urban environment; gentrification; and the fictionalising of our urban architecture as a  method of practising public agency. My practice aims to challenge what we can conclude from observing our surroundings, and how we project our subjective experiences onto these observations. 

I look at architecture, theatre, critical theory, cultural histories, and geology for research. I  am currently making a piece of work in which a photographic archive of racing-car drivers becomes a medium to explore communication with the soul after death; investigating how these communications might be a tool for capitalist critique. 

Website: www.chloekelly.art

A project by Chloe Kelly