Rabbi Tova

Tova Leibovic-Douglas is a Rabbi, educator, spiritual counselor and consultant based in Los Angeles. She is a co-host of the podcast, Not Your Jewish mother and is actively in pursuit of deconstructing and reconstructing Judaism. She has created, developed, and implemented programs for communities around Los Angeles including: Community Mikveh at American Jewish University, Beit T’shuvah, Ikar, Miller Introduction to Judaism Program, Beit Bracha at Sinai Temple, Camp Ramah and Valley Beth Shalom. She believes that each and every person is a unique holy soul with gifts to share. Tova is determined to help build and shape a world where each of us can thrive and live as our authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging.  She received her BA in Jewish Gender Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a BA in Art History from Columbia University. Tova is also an Education Specialist and worked as a Resource Specialist in the Rio School District in Oxnard before attending Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies where she earned her MA and ordination in 2018. Tova and her husband, Austin, are proud parents of Eve Meora and Nora Zahava who are teaching them the art of living in the moment. She is a proud work in progress. You can find her @rabbi_tova.