Text by Annamaria Merkel

Dear Deathlings,

“Transhumanism is the latest billion dollar rebranding of a very old desire. Recent developments in biotechnology, genetics, and artificial intelligence suggest that the ancient myth of immortality is now a tangible horizon in our technological imagination”.

Political, social and aesthetic imagination has become blurred and overexposed.

When life turns into data, death remains a Techno-catastrophe.
Let us die a little techno-death to relieve pure somatic perception and pursue mastery of our own biochemistry; before it takes off to the cloud!

On the night of the 1st of November we will switch the glow of omnipresent screens with the burning brightness of a bonfire and transform. During this transformation you will eventually become your own space blanket to rescue (im)mortality!

Join the –SpaceCave– and our ceremonial leader will light a fire, open her survival kit and:

1. Pool personal pulse – relieve it in fluid movement to remain tear-resistant!
2. Block electronic frequencies – emerge as an electromagnetic field!
3. Stop thermal radiation – become one with your energy!
4. Reflect body heat – turn into a reflective heat sheet!
5. Convert into an evaporated water spirit – alter in skinny dipping darkness!
6. Gleam and glimmer in gold – emerge in glitter!

*and rebirth

For participation & further information please send a mail to annamaria.merkel@sandberg.nl