Nelly Ben Hayoun discussed University of the Underground at Convergence 2017 in London, UK on Friday 24th March 2017. 

She spoke alongside James Bridle; founder of Carroll / Fletcher, one of London’s most forward-thinking art galleries, Jonathan Carroll; curator of Sonar+D and FutureEverything festivals, Jose Luis de Vicente; and many more.

Nelly’s session included discussion around the topic of Disruptions: a healthy dose of rule-breaking and trouble-making and, of course, the University of the Underground.

Convergence has entertained & educated over 100,000 attendees across London since its inception in 2014. The 6-day festival, held annually in March, facilitates an active dialogue around performance and technology and provides a platform for unusual projects, one-off special events and collaborations featuring emerging artists and established pioneers. 

Convergence Sessions creates a festival hub where a diverse range of artistic practitioners share their insights, ideas and techniques in a creative, interdisciplinary atmosphere, through a series of talks, workshops and demonstrations.

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