THE UNIVERSITY OF THE UNDERGROUND INVITES YOU TO JOIN on a live experiment- a non-stop live streaming of all things multiverse, moon and everything in between extraterrestrial lands.

JOIN US – with 60+ brilliant  ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE minds from around the world for a celebration of all multiverses, the moon and everything in between, a celebration of plurality as we know it. You will meet with someone who climbed the Mount Everest and advocate for silence, someone who talks to wolf at night, drag queens and cult leaders, NASA ESA and SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence) experts- but also we have explosives planned on the outer space treaty and as if that was not enough- we ALSO have a MOON CAKE, tarot reading and all-you will meet some of our board members but also alumnus so join in.

Basically absolute chaos in extraterrestrial lands. Christmas before Christmas.

It is a bit of an experiment- so it can also be a disaster BUT hopefully, it will work out.

We hope to frame and imagine new systems as we go along using the moon as the trigger// or engage new thinkings in this ‘moon’ exhaustion, non stop live stream.

You can see the full programme here and a link to the live stream here!