Ikävä Pii explores post-capitalist futures and the new beyond-the-norm through sound and activism. Their experimental approach entwines music-making, world-building and commoning, both collaboratively and solo; playfully enquiring class, technology, and artistic production as a London-based, working class, queer immigrant from the Mediterranean Sea. Ikävä Pii’s non-linear experience with music, sound and nightlife spans composing abstract club-adjacent tunes, idiosyncratic songwriting, playing in radical improvisation ensembles, DJing at raves, curating radio shows, parties and multidisciplinary events, and recording and producing other artists; previously, they were co-running a venue and a music studio in Puglia.They’ve recently co-founded SODAA, a non-hierarchical collective developing a model for a community-operated venue in London, based on principles of decentralised governance and solidarity economy.

The idea of SODAA was originally formed around the Post Isolation Dreams of Cooperation manifesto written by TOO MUCH INFORMATION, an international network of artists founded by Ikävä Pii and friends, and loosely operating as a music label, radio show, collaborative archive, support system, and online forum for anticapitalist thinking.