We are a group of artists, writers, designers, architects, and technologists, learning to challenge by using a multitude of lenses to rigorously dig into the cultural, economical, political, technological models needed to create a planet in which both people and the planet thrive. Together from April 2020 to March 2021 we asked as a part of the New Politics and Afrofuturisms programme: How would you reimagine a world where both people and the planet thrive? 

The programme was calling for Black Radical imagination and pop-culture as powerful vehicles for propelling progressive social justice narratives to mainstream audiences, with a focus on Afrofuturism, black activism, experiential along with political theory and practice. Following a one month selection process – twelve of us from across the world -joined this research bureau for 6 months.

Here we analysed the vast landscapes and intersections between science, culture and history. We worked, together with all the lecturers who took part in this journey, on showcasing and modifying the realities of imperialism/colonialism, black liberation and indigeneous studies in the context of modern societies, communities and institutions. By learning and carrying out radical real life meaningful experiences and experiments, our programme was focused on the development and creation of innovative approaches and aesthetics that have the potential to trigger change long term in our societies in order to build new futures.

From giving voices to non human species, exploring the wonders of nature, to looking at the network systems of Mycelium and what this can teach us to organize communities; to a new lexicon for play and decolonial innovations; comics that show a future without borders or how korean pop- KPOP- can share new visions for new economics, we decided to ‘play’ our way into the hierarchy of institutions; exploring topics from comics to the commitment of a never-ending newsletter, re-imagining outer space while translating academic knowledge into a theatrical board game.

In this exhibition, we document and highlight the experimental actions in our collective and individual projects, navigating through different disciplines and creative mediums. We build up a network of care and respect by building step by step to new worlds that our tutors and classes led us to uncover and reclaim.

Join us this Wednesday 3rd March 2021 from 5pm GMT:


Adnan Arif 

Eduardo Castillo Vinuesa 

Sarah Habib

April Edgar 

Imwen Eke 

Di Luong 

Chloé Macary-Carney 

Ananya Ray

Xiaoji Song 

Jill van Grinsven 

Yris Apsit

Tracey Bowen