Fabrizio Cocchiarella is a designer, lecturer and researcher at Manchester School of Art, UK. Practice investigates new approaches to design that contribute to innovating and shaping future scenarios for the designed environment. Specialist expertise investigates paranormal phenomena through the design of location based experience, exploring the anomalous, utilising a design-led approach that challenges our understanding of the self and our relationships with place and environmental ecologies. Translating and ‘tuning’ experiential phenomena through the reinvention of new types of spaces and encounters, the discipline of design is viewed as an interface from which to mediate and translate critical methodologies and commercial practices.

Co-founder of design collaboratory UFƟ: Unidentified Facility Ɵnsite, projects explore a multi-specialist approach to develop new ‘ways of seeing’ and interpreting the encounter of everyday phenomena. Design practice aims to produce insightful, thought provoking work, creating projects that are not necessarily using the language of design norms, but rather re-inventing ways of looking at and experiencing our relationship with the physical (and metaphysical) through ‘para-design’.

Experimental pedagogic and research projects can be viewed here… https://www.para-design.org/research