How can we prompt collective imagination in defining a world where freedom of movement is a universal human right?


In today’s world, place of birth determines access to resources, rights and value systems. Adnan Arif ’s research shows that borders contribute toward inequality; a global caste system of ethno-racial hierarchies where the accident of birth determines human potential and its current normalization perpetuates a crisis of imagination for other possibilities.

So Adnan asks- how can begin to imagine a world where borders do not exist?

Harnessing the populist medium of comics, Adnan Arif made a series of drawings based on interviews he did with border abolitionists, migration advocates and activists in which he imagined how this world could and should be.

As a follow up to these comics, and with the aim to modify the narrative and inspire others to see new visions away from the polarized discourse around inequality and borders; Adnan launched an online platform, named The Department of No Borders.

The Department of No Borders is a platform to showcase contributions from writers and creatives around the world creating comics that disseminate the de-normalization of a divided world and to imagine a world where freedom of movement for all seems inevitable.

You can follow the project at Deptofnoborders.com.