How can dance movements inspire fair agricultures?

In Dancing Sustainable Agriculture, Delaunay investigates rural France and the current shift in population where young urbans in quest of meaning and resilience switch life and start farming in rural areas.

Interviewing these new farmers, Delaunay witnessed how they developed new experiments and pioneered vital societal changes. But these geographic and cultural transitions are not happening without issues.

Delaunay believes that dance movements, voguing or capoeira could help these new farmers to  reflect on the following societal issues: tradition, gender, escape or care. For example, voguing could prevent backpain and patriarchy, Capoeira could inspire contemporary marooning and collaborations, Folk dances could help refurbish local specificities and relationships with locals.

Antoine Delaunay’s response to this three months research are five videos showcasing references of artistic and resistance dance movement. With them he is hoping to start discussions, routines and parties in the young farmers community. In the future he is also working on facilitating workshops.