How can the complex geological structure of caves reveal and awaken non-linear and hybrid storytelling logic(s)?
The Creature that Crawls in The Underground Skies

There is a whole subpage on Reddit that goes into how caves, for many people, trigger horrific fears like darkness, isolation, depth, fear of getting lost, the unknown, a place where your mind plays tricks on you. However, this project attempts to change the perception of caves and approach these spaces as a place of birthing, and speculation.

The purpose of this approach is to render acts of narrating history more fluid and less sedentary as normally presented. History isn’t set in stone, and much like the walls of the caves, it is always changing. These histories are meant to be touched and experienced, and in this way, embodying a hybrid logic of time, space, and story.

The short film, The Creature that Crawls in The Underground Skies, travels through webs of realities etched into the limestone walls, while the audience is listening to an official tour story narrated by Jo, an official Maastricht Caves tour guide. Alongside Jo’s voice is that of the fictional monster, the Cavus Reptilia, Latin for cave reptile. This creature speaks in notes, and chords about dreams, death, and rebirth to reveal the various potentials of coming into being. The act of listening to a cave’s history, fused with monologues of death and rebirth can awaken such a non-linear and hybrid form of experiencing history, which in of itself is a process of rebirth.



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