Nelly and the team at the University of the Underground have been closely monitoring the situation with the spread of COVID-19, coronavirus. Unfortunately, on the 15th of March the Dutch government announced that all academic education at universities that requires physical attendance is to be cancelled until at least 6 April. The University of the Underground is no exception, and so we too will be closed until then.

This means that we will not be going ahead with the exhibition of our researchers’ work that had been scheduled for the 23rd to the 28th of March. However, we will have a publication of their work and we will be sharing that online soon!

To students and others, we recommend following the Dutch government’s recommendations for containing the virus and keeping yourself and others safe during this difficult time. Wash your hands regularly, avoid crowded environments and stay home if you can. Refer to RIVM’s guidelines for further guidance.

We will be back up soon. Above and beyond, but mainly underground! Love to you all from the University of the Underground team and researchers.