I don`t know you all, but one thing I know for sure, two people fucked to create you and you all gonna die!“

Peter Greenaway

Peter Greenaway said one thing that impressed me: “I don`t know you all, but I know one thing about all of you, two people fucked to create you and you all going to die!”

“What do you want to pass on to eternity if you can decide here and now?” was my first question that popped into my mind. Since the cave paintings,

The „parietal art“ in Eurasia, 38,000 BCE (40.000 years ago) eternity is something the human mind desire to explore. The Time Capsules, that have been made, such as the golden record1977, are to effectuate something that remains in this world or in the space, after we die.

How can you create something in that short time you are part of this earth that is eternal or at least is sustainable for a long time? How can you build a system that is eternal and not just unscrupulous selling eternity and use it as a cloak for its own ends?

In Religion eternity is a main concept. You see this very clearly in the Our father (Lord`s prayer): “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.” Because during the 8th century there was a big change of tendency, a barbaric age, the church was in danger. Nearly all the saints were created in this century. To create sainthood is a method to keep the public under control. And it is still an omnipresent theme when you have the examples of the religion war where the Iman promises many virgins to the religious soldiers for their sacrifice.

In economics, the theme eternity is not apparent on the surface, but the selling of eternity is totally visible. There are products that are named ETERNITY, eternal beauty, a fountain of youth. The beauty industry has an increasing market volume from 180 milliard/billion US dollars until 2024.

Through my research, I evaluated that Eternity in sociological meaning is a feeling. This epic feeling to live forever is a quest of sense. You can evaluate through history that eternity is a way of selling something that you anyway can`t achieve. Eternity is a very complex marketing concept, you sell something that you can`t prove. Because what does it change if you look like 20, when you die with 80, what does it change when you have 20 virgins after you bombed yourself and your dead? The religion, the economics and the politics sell something that is an illusion. And what astonished me, it works! There is nothing cleverer than evaluating the needs of the human being and sell it to them. It`s like a cruise, you don`t even need to identify your needs, someone else tells you what needs you need to have.