By Tom Burke


‘Amongst The Relics’

An experiment in activating the archive.

Is the archive a work of fiction?
Who does it exclude?
Who does it represent?

What is the function of the objects it conserves? Are they relics whose mystical power lends authority the institution? What kinds of critical activity might they provoke?

‘Amongst The Relics’ reimagines footage from the BFI archive; from Edwardian shopping trips, to rush hour in the 70’s and the gentrification of the capital. A series of roaming experimental projections, where the performer becomes your screen into a forgotten world. Combined with live music and ritualised choreography, we invite you to question how we will engage with the archive of the future?

A collaboration between Artnight 2018 and the British Film Institute, artists are commisioned to make new work from archive material: Tom Burke and Francisco Dorado of the University of the Underground and filmmaker Natasha Austin Green with costume by Edeline Lee.