The Amazing Basement has the honour to present: OURRCHAS!! CLONNGG THWAP. On 26th Feb, the Amazing Basement will host an evening of eclectic travelling artists…

The artists include:

Abortion Boys (Jerusalem, Israel)

Abortion Boys (aka the Israeli tattoo artist auto_christ) plays experimental music with drums and noise. In his very first performance in Amsterdam, he will bang the drum and get psyched and very physical in a non-stop show.

Rixard Tattoo (Valencia, Spain)

Richard Mangosta (tattoo/video/interactive artist) will be performing as Rixard Tattoo, a mean and intentionally tacky character who sings songs with “rap /trap” or electronic bass. This performance exposes his most bizarre feats with pride, using satire to shine a light on a particular and dark vision of everyday life. In his performance, Rixard Tattoo will be tattooing live to get sounds from the tattoo needle itself.

Anto (Madrid, Spain)

Anto is currently studying at Sandberg, as part of The Commoners Society masters program. Anto’s sound pieces grow as improvised ecosystems in which porosity leads into a multiple of vocal harmonies in order to possibly access other worlds, where there’s no starting point nor end. Sounds of birds and other creatures will start arising through this set in which embodiment is the crucial tool for its development.


Set times:

21:00 Anto

22:15 Rixard Tattoo

23:15 Abortion Boys



University of the Underground/ De Marktkantine

Jan van Galenstraat 6

1051 KM Amsterdam



Suggested donation of 3 euros on the door.


This event has been curated by Alex Zeta, Richard Mangosta, and Ada Reinthal and hosted by the MA Design of Experiences of the Sandberg Instituut.

Graphic Design/visuals: Alex Zeta