On January 25th, we invited you back to the basement for Amazing Basement 02, Amazing Basement. 

With sets from,…

Fransico Dorado who gave us some ambient electronic set.

Ryan Eykholt delighted the audience with piano ballads from the sweetest of souls.

Lastochkino Gnezdo took us away with some swoony, shoegazey, warm DIY, dream pop goodness.

We are with Mx.Fomay AKA Aivaras, Ossip, Mees, Florida and Yiyi gave an experimental, fun and spontaneous jam complete with sax.

Luca De Rosso did an audio visual piece explorating human-computer collaboration, dedicated to those believing in computers as partners in the creative flow.

We were BLESSED by another performance from Salesforce 2, -industrial noise with strobes and John’s sincere poetry.

Botanic, AKA Stefanos, Iver, Paul, Ivailo and Alex- a quintet that experiments without musical borders, from trap beats to roaring guitars.

mile$, a pretty cool Producer and DJ from New York provided us with some beats.

Angel Shades- (Tom Burke and Alexander Cromer) with their dark, dream-rap.