Script for a five minutes noiseplay – a play for a auditive ‘game board’, with an announcement to blacken the player’s eyesight to enhance the sense of vision though an amplification of their auditory perception.

Excerpt: Act 1/ Scene 1 
Nathan just finished a playwright, standing in a nearly empty room in front of his desk looking at a formidable chestnut tree in the inner courtyard (cell phone lays hidden in her pocket).

Phone: Ava is calling via Face time.

Nathan picks up.

Ava in a tizzy: Listen this morning my ceiling fell on my head and rattled my brain. It was around 10 am. Actually it was less painful than you might think, but I did feel a bit dizzy right after and there was all this dust…causing a bad cough – so I went out and–

Nathan cutting Ava off.

Nathan confused: Wait, where did you go? Out to the street?

Ava: Yes, and I am calling to tell you that you should do the same. Go out! You’ll see. Everything is different in reality than it is in theory.

Nathan after some hesitation: I don’t believe a word you’re saying!

Ava very seriously: Belief is the pathology of thoughts!

Nathan fretfully: You stole those words from someone!

Ava: Who cares? Words die with the sound. I just listened to them, so they became mine. However I’ll loose all power over them as soon as they are articulated. No one owns words, they are rebels, they don’t obey.

During the conversation a harsh electronic noise accrues and the connection becomes more and more interrupted.

Nathan increasingly bewildered, trying to fight against the noise with his voice by speaking louder and more clearly: I am the author of this script, your words are mine!

Call quality gets worse.

Ava: Well let’s play a game! Catch my words – if you can.…

The noise is finally flooding the receiver. The volume is so loud as to be blaring from the speakers.

Nathan holding the phone at arm‘s length, shouting: Where are you exactly?

Ava seems to be offline. Phone answers.

Phone: Wherever you are, that’s where I am.

Electromagnetic noise overruns the situation.
Nathan turns around and storms out of the room.


Layout: Moritz Kreul