Ryan Eykholt


Ryan Eykholt (1995, Wisconsin USA) is a sensitive little snowflake on the path to gather the blizzard that makes systems crash and blows off world leaders’ toupées. With passion for radical pedagogies, aspirations toward queer utopianism, and training in critical media studies, he blends performance and writing to design participatory experiences that transform vulnerabilities into dynamite.

At Vassar College, Ryan pushed his creative indecisiveness to sexy extremes. Which leaves him with the task to now define a satisfactory thread through an essay film about selfies and the embalming process, choreography about photography and mental health, a screenplay about post-secession California, and a speculative curriculum about youth sexting. For now, let’s say that Ryan is on a quest to sketch the family tree between war and porn.

Ryan seeks to design experiences that act as continuations and extensions of social flesh, yet with greater capacity to bleed. Playing with horror, loss, and eroticism, he strives to render institutions as immaterial and solidify unseen labor into architectures of desire.

Written by Ryan Eykholt