What is the relationship between archiving/ collecting/ documenting and advocacy in nightlife cultures? 

Anjali Prashar-Savoie’s project is focusing on documenting and collecting the ways in which parties can put radical politics into practice. She is compiling safer space policies, manifestos and documents that provide information on dealing with conflict, safety and social organising from abolitionist, anarchist and community accountability perspectives. Her project is a compilation of strategies that clubs, promoters and parties can use, as well as a means for policy-makers to better understand grassroots nightlife. She is experimenting in collecting and archiving from the idea that documenting cultures means that they can better be advocated for.


This collection of strategies:

  • *creates a resource for future research, nightlife workers and advocates
  • *uses DIY and grassroots publication to tell a story about how clubbing might respond to wider socio-political context
  • *documents the concerns and interests of club communities in this current time
  • *creates a collection that dialogues with archival, research institutions, and policy-makers
  • *gives weight and longevity to spaces and modes of organising that are temporary, ephemeral and often less documented
  • *amplifies voices/ provide tools for organisers to put radical politics into practice