After 1989, the world is divided into the digital world and the physical world. As the new world, the digital world emerged, the new perspective appeared. On Renaissance age, the concept of horizontal view is introduced, however, after the invention of aviation and photograph, the new perspective, vertical perspective is introduced. This view is considered as “information age of view” by Jennifer Allen(writer, Berlin), which is usually seen as “surveillance view” like CCTV, google view, military surveillance shots, or architecture plan.

However, Hito-Steyerl(filmmaker, writer, Berlin) mentioned in her article “In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective” as we, humans, have multi-spectre, maybe we can have a more liberal view with non-linear narration. Therefore to have diverse perspectives on my body, I installed three different views of the camera on my body with attachment devices. German psychologist, Wolfgang Kohler in 1920s, he experienced the change of perspectives on our body behaviour and its influence on the way of thinking even. I wondered how my body behaviour would change according to the views and how the body movement could change the floor plan eventually, and what kind of narrative can build up through the experience.

Through the camera on the front of the face, I can watch multi-spectre, top view, front view, or more views. Each basic architectural elements that are facing me in the physical world form indications in the virtual world, that is showing on the screen in front of my face. The elements on the screen change its texture or the size according to the narrative, or the purpose, Therefore it builds up narration in the space, and also specific behaviour in the space.