Malena’s graduation project, titled ‘Conspirational Mythologies. In times of post-truth, fake news and misinformation, it is increasingly challenging to discern fiction from reality. Conspiratorial Mythologies proposes alternative means to disseminating and deciphering conspiracy theories; likening their narratives to ancient Greek myths, as tragedies, rites, celebrations and crafts become the instruments through which their stories are being told. Indeed, this project by Malena Arcucci explores the role of conspiracy theories as substitutes to religious and ancient myths. It materialises collective fears to understand the complex power dynamics and structures surrounding our societies. How do conspiracy theories pervasive narratives shape worldviews? What truths, if any, do they contain? And most importantly, what can these stories tell about the underlying fears that led to their creation?

@Raregan is a performance in five acts which follows the structure of ancient Greek tragedies to tell the story of a contemporary hero. The plots revolve around a geographic conspiracy questioning the existence of Finland and follows @Raregan, a Reddit user, in his quest to uncover the truth.