In this episode of 13 Steps Below the students welcome in a new year and share updates on their self-directed projects. We hear a variety of features including music, interviews, thoughts, a script reading and more.
Made by the students of the MA Design of Experiences at the University of the Underground and the Sandberg Instituut: Malena Maria Arcucci, John Charles Bricker, Tom Burke, Alexander Cromer, Ryan Eykholt, Heather Griffin, Juhee Hahm, Anna Maria Merkel, Joseph Pleass, Ada Reinthal, Luke George Hardy Rideout, Evita Eva-Maria Bianca Rigert, Jack Waghorn.
Produced by: Jack Waghorn, John Charles Bricker, and Heather Griffin 
Hosts: Jack Waghorn and Joseph Pleass 
Features in order: 
Alexander Cromer
Evita Rigert
Juhee Hahm
Ryan Eykholt
Joseph Pleass
Luke Rideout
Listen to the podcast here!