Yonathan has been a Deep Democracy facilitator and instructor for almost 10 years now. He is a certified Deep Democracy Elder, instructor of levels 1 to 4 and the first coach and supervisor for practitioners and instructors in the Netherlands. Yonathan works in close collaboration with Myrna Lews, founder of Deep Democracy, in product development and innovation. Yonathan co-created the Let’s Talk method and the U&me app with Myrna Lewis.

Yonathan was originally trained as a singer and actor and has been working in (arts) education since his studies. He has incorporated Deep Democracy in his educational practice as well as his personal and work life. Yonathan teaches open Deep Democracy courses, in-company courses and facilitates processes in a wide variety of contexts, from the classroom to the boardroom. Yonathan is the initiator and facilitator of large scale Deep Democracy conversations on societal topics in the Netherlands. He is currently working on building capacity to facilitate these conversations in Europe as a response to the rising tensions around themes such as the influx of immigrants and the polarization between Muslims and non-Muslims.